How to install Java in Kali Linux

Uncompress archive

Now you uncompress and move the whole uncompressed folder to /opt (optional) directory.

Install and register binaries

This step registers the downloaded version of Java as an alternative, and switches it to be used as the default:

Testing your installation

First of all, close your browser and re-open. You won’t believe how many users actually forgets to do this step and later complains Java ain’t working. I’d advise to bookmark this site to be able to reopen these instructions quickly, or simply copy these into a leafpad / vi / text-editor.

To check the version of Java you are now running

To check the browser plugin just click Do I have Java?

This should take you to Oracles Java website and you will see a confirmation message.


What you are experiencing is common on systems in the wild (I see it more often in VM environments). Basically, the process you’re exploiting is not stable enough to keep a shell open, and as you seem to already know, you need to migrate into another process ASAP in order to keep your shell. Instead of set PrependMigrate true try:

set InitialAutoRunScript migrate -f

I have had better experiences with this method than with the PrependMigrate method.





执行下列命令:chmod +x
sh (Debian为./
rm /usr/sbin/aliyun-service
rm lib/systemd/system/aliyun.service
安骑士 ->设置 ->安装安骑士