1.eric IDE开发环境
Installation using PyQt5 wheels

Installing eric6 and its pre-requisites is easy using the PyQt5 Python wheels. In order to have access to the suite of Qt tools and documentation it is recommended to install the Qt development environment because these tools are not part of the PyQt5 wheels.

Download the Qt online installer from the Qt download site.
Install Qt by executing the installer.
Install the eric6 pre-requisites (PyQt, sip and QScintilla) by entering this command in a shell / command window:
pip install qscintilla
pip3 install qscintilla
This will install QScintilla and all dependencies, which are PyQt5 and sip.
Install eric6 and configure the path to the Qt tools on the Qt page of the configuration dialog.
Once the eric6 IDE is started the Qt documentation may be loaded into the eric web browser via the Settings ➡ Mange Qt Help Documents menu entry. Note that the documentation (Python/Qt/PyQt) is available in QtHelp format as of November 2016 as documentation plug-ins. In order to use this feature, eric 16.11 or newer needs to be installed.


3.QT IDE安装

Release | Qt 5.4


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